What if I did not take out SCDW insurance? +

We recommend you consider taking the optional insurance excess reduction at the time of collecting your vehicle or during booking process on our web page www.rentacarsplit.net . Our SCDW insurance is a supplementary fee, which either removes your liability for the excess or reduces it to a minimal amount.

Why do I need SCDW insurance when i am already insured by travel insurance or my credit card? +

In most countries an ‘excess’ will apply in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle. This is the renter’s responsibility, however many travel insurance policies now have provision to cover you for car rental excess up to a specified amount. Therefore, if the excess was applied, and charged by rental company you have the option to claim it back on your travel insurance policy or credit card company

General about insurance +

When renting a car in Croatia it is essential to know all about insurance. When you book with RENT A CAR NOVA the price you are quoted already includes the basic insurance needed should you be involved in an accident. This includes Legal Liability, Third Party and Public Liability insurance, rental rates also include Theft Protection* and Collision Damage Waiver* with a non waivable excess between 500 euro and 1300 euro depending on rental car group.What is not included is PAI (personal accident insurance covers case of death or invaldity) and SUPER CDW( extra insurance, you can buy a non waivable excess). You can check what insurances are included in your rental price at the time of booking or when you reach the rental location. Our agents are always happy to advise and explain the options available to suit your requirements.

Types of Insurance

per day

Legal Liability, Third Party and Public Liability Insurance

No charge

These are compulsory insurances in case you damage someone or something else, including passengers and their property, in the rented vehicle. By law, these are included in your rental price.

Already included in your rental price

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)*

No charge

If the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will, however, have to pay a fixed amount towards the repair costs. This is known as the excess. This applies if you or unknown person were at fault. Fixed amount is from 500 euro - 1300 euro depending on car group.

Already included in your rental price

Theft Protection (TP)*

No charge

If the rental car is stolen, this will cover the cost of replacing it (or parts of it) up to 500 -1300 euro.

Already included in your rental price

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

3 euro

Should you have an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger, this daily insurance will cover accidental death, assistance and rescue in amount provided by law.

same price for all car groups

Super CDW

from 6.5 to 25 euro

If you wish you can buy a non waivable excess in case of stolen car or rental car damage by taking Super CDW.

Depend on car group

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